Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Architecture of the World Colors

This is the finished version for my portfolio.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Muchos Edificios Importantes

Here's the rough version of another drawing I've been working on for the portfolio. I originally drew the pencils in my sketch pad and then after scanning it to the computer, I changed the Leaning Tower of Piza to Chizén Itzá on the bottom right. I also added the great wall and Sidney Opera House on the left. Hopefully I'll be able to color it.
Cheers! and if I don't post again before friday, I hope that everyone has a Merrry Christmas and a safe holiday.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Different Side of Rock

I am interesting in a summer camp for art at Washington at St. Louis. Its bundles of money, but I could possibly get a scholarship if I submit some of my work. So I decided to ramp it up and make some new stuff. Here's the first completed piece for my portfolio. It started as a lame pencil work without much detail and became pretty awesome I think. I even saved each step progressively to display my steps of work.

1. Rough blue pencils, start as shapes and circles then move to more defined things. I use a graphic tablet which is great and I do a lot of scribbling just to find what I want things to look like. These blue lines can later be easily removed with Photoshop.
2. With inking, I can either continue with my graphic tablet and ink digitally, or print the pencils out and ink by hand, and then scan that back into the computer. I can zoom to get greater detail digitally, but I can also work in homeroom by hand. Hardly matters either way, however, for this drawing I did the inks digitally, outlining, with some complete black shading.
3. Colors are the most drastic step. I used a new method, and consequently think that the colors come out much clearer and brighter than previous pieces. Fairly basic, I'm not a very good colorer, but eh.
4. I think another dynamic step. I was going to put in a blank solid colored background, but my dad told me to "go big or go home". I was too lazy to draw in lights or people, so I favored editing in a phot onto the selected background regions. The picture was very dark and vivid, and the drummer got lost in the action, so I made the background more transparent.
5. Finally, I added sillouettes of crowd people and touched up any yucky areas.

Hope y'all like it!