Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Different Side of Rock

I am interesting in a summer camp for art at Washington at St. Louis. Its bundles of money, but I could possibly get a scholarship if I submit some of my work. So I decided to ramp it up and make some new stuff. Here's the first completed piece for my portfolio. It started as a lame pencil work without much detail and became pretty awesome I think. I even saved each step progressively to display my steps of work.

1. Rough blue pencils, start as shapes and circles then move to more defined things. I use a graphic tablet which is great and I do a lot of scribbling just to find what I want things to look like. These blue lines can later be easily removed with Photoshop.
2. With inking, I can either continue with my graphic tablet and ink digitally, or print the pencils out and ink by hand, and then scan that back into the computer. I can zoom to get greater detail digitally, but I can also work in homeroom by hand. Hardly matters either way, however, for this drawing I did the inks digitally, outlining, with some complete black shading.
3. Colors are the most drastic step. I used a new method, and consequently think that the colors come out much clearer and brighter than previous pieces. Fairly basic, I'm not a very good colorer, but eh.
4. I think another dynamic step. I was going to put in a blank solid colored background, but my dad told me to "go big or go home". I was too lazy to draw in lights or people, so I favored editing in a phot onto the selected background regions. The picture was very dark and vivid, and the drummer got lost in the action, so I made the background more transparent.
5. Finally, I added sillouettes of crowd people and touched up any yucky areas.

Hope y'all like it!


Jen said...

Doug, this is AWESOME!!! Let me know if I can be of any help for the scholarship! I'm so impressed! Keep up the hard work and keeping showing us all your portfolio additions. One suggestion though. A lot of places want to see a wide variety of scenes and styles and you have a very nice, distinct style but maybe try to do a few pieces that step outside of your box - realistic images of still lifes or portraits, or maybe use a different media - sculpture, paint, etc. Let me know how I can help!

Sava11410 said...

they are all so good!! :D