Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What it Means to be Human

let's see, decided to try something new with my newfound photoshoppin' talents :P I downloaded some cool grundgy-paint splattery brushes and got to work with the idea of humanity in mind. Kindof started with a lot of jumbled mess and eventually I added/ subtracted things, shifted, added new elements and vualla! Meh. 's all right i suppose, I love some parts, despise others. But like i said, a total experiment using some new techniques.


Jen said...

Interesting that so many of the images are anatomical and then you chose to put a dollar bill in there. I think that says that to be human is to be evolutionary and fallible and greedy? I'm not sure I agree with the last part. Where is the heart? To be human, to me at least, is to need to be loved.

Emily said...

I love it doug!